Night Moves

1985 | Harlequin

ISBN 1488034745 (ISBN13: 9781488034749)

Was she foolish or wise to follow her instincts?

The house had stood vacant for ten years, but Maggie Fitzgerald knew she could call it home. An award-winning songwriter, Maggie had sought peace and solitude from the Los Angeles celebrity hounds after her husband’s accidental death. Instinct had brought her east, to the small Maryland town of Morganville.

Instinct also told her that Cliff Delaney, owner of a local landscaping company, was just the person to revitalize her property. But once that project began, the remains of a dead man were discovered–and everyone she knew, including Cliff, seemed to have a motive for the killing.

Could she trust her instincts again–or would the truth be her undoing?

Author Nora Roberts
ISBN 0373220197 (ISBN13: 9780373220199)
Genre Romance novel
Published June 1985 (Silhouette Books)
Media type Paperback
Pages 250
Characters Maggie Fitzgerald, Cliff Delaney