One Summer


ISBN 1459273435 (ISBN13: 9781459273436)

Bryan Mitchell and Shade Wilder. She was America’s greatest celebrity photographer. He was one of the world’s most respected photojournalists. They were working together, traveling across the country, recording two views of one American summer. They we complete opposites. And yet they each felt a passion that was destined to draw them together. It took the eye of the camera to show them how close they could become. And it took their mounting desire to lower their defenses and allow them to revel in the fulfillment of love….

Author Nora Roberts
ISBN 00373093063 (ISBN13: 9780373093069)
Genre Romance novel
Published April 1986 (Silhouette Books)
Media type Mass Market Paperback
Pages 250
Series Celebrity Magazine #2
Characters Bryan Mitchell, Shade Colby
Setting United States of America
Literary Awards Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award (RT Award) (1986), Golden Medallion by Romance Writers of America for Best Long Contemporary Romance (1987)