Convincing Alex

2019 | Harlequin 

ISBN 1488053472 (ISBN13: 9781488053474)

Soap opera writer Bess McNee figured the only way to understand a character was to stand in her shoes – even if they were a streetwalker’s stiletto heels. So she got tossed in the slammer, thanks to the sexiest detective in New York…


Alex Stanislaski thought he’d seen it all – until he busted Bess. And then she wanted him to let her follow him around to get “ideas” for her show! Trouble was, the lady was giving him altogether too many ideas…

Author Nora Roberts
ISBN 0373098723 (ISBN13: 9780373098729)
Genre Romance novel
Published March 1994 (Silhouette Books)
Media type Mass Market Paperback
Pages 250
Series The Stanislaskis #4
Characters Bess McNee, Alexi Stanislaski
Setting New York City, New York (United States)