Historic Boonsboro is where Nora Roberts has called home for thirty years, raising her sons in this idyllic town nestled in the heart of Maryland. Since arriving, Nora and her husband, photographer Bruce Wilder, have worked tirelessly to create small businesses throughout the town, bringing in tourists and additional revenue to the place they call home. In 1995, Bruce opened Turn the Page Bookstore and Cafe, which hosts events with a variety of New York Times bestselling authors including Beatriz Williams, Julie James, and TK. They also run a popular Wednesday night book club and cater to fans of military nonfiction due to the town’s rich history. They also own and operate two restaurants in the town.

Nora’s passion project for Boonsboro was the opening of Inn BoonsBoro, upon the site of the historic Boone Hotel. Starting in April 2007, she and Bruce began renovations of the hotel, planning to open a year later. Tragedy struck when a propane tank ignited and set the inn on fire, destroying most of the existing structure. Undaunted, and with the support of local craftsmen, artisans, and tradespeople, Nora and Bruce got back to work, and on February 19, 2009, almost a year after the fire, Inn BoonsBoro opened its doors. Today the Inn boasts eight luxury guest rooms and is a destination for armchair historians and fans of Nora Roberts alike.

Boonsboro holds such a special place in Nora’s heart that a book trilogy about her work with the Inn naturally took shape. The Inn Boonsboro trilogy, which began with The Next Always in May 2014, was an instant #1 New York Times bestseller.

Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Aerial Videography and Photography