SERIES LIST (with noted connections)

Notes: Ruth and Davidov appear in Considering Kate – See Stanislaski Family


Notes: Supporting character Myra Ditmeyer appears in Endings & Beginnings

Notes: Gabriella appears in Unfinished Business

Notes: Chantal O’Hurley (The O’Hurleys) appears in The Playboy Prince


Notes: Chantal’s first big role is in the movie based on Lawless (Loving Jack)

Notes: The entire O’Hurley family cameos in Waiting for Nick (See Stanislaskis)

Notes: Bryan Mitchell of One Summer appears in Skin Deep


Notes: Nick and Freddie visit the O’Hurleys in Waiting for Nick

Notes: Kate dances for Davidov (Dance of Dreams) in Considering Kate

Note: There’s a reference to Darcy Gallagher (The Gallaghers of Ardmore) in Chesapeake Blue