Readers who are new to Nora’s work may not realize that for nearly 20 years she went on the road for multi-week, multi-city book tours that crisscrossed the country. Several years ago, she decided to step back from actively touring to concentrate on her writing and her family. She does appear at events selected by her publisher on occasion. When that happens, the information is immediately posted on Nora’s website and included in her newsletter.

Write what you like to read – if you are not captured by the story, who will be?
Write every day – a habit that you need to build. And remember to have fun with it.

Nora cannot critique other writers’ work. The huge number of requests would mean that she never gets to attend to her own work.

While a huge fan of television and movies, Nora writes books, not screenplays. The film production company makes the first move with a plan to bring her books to film. There are no current plans to translate the In Deaths or any of Nora’s trilogies to film.

Sanctuary was never released in any video form. It is currently on the Lifetime Movie rotation and airs once or twice a year.

The dress worn by actress Laura Mennell as Lily was custom-designed for the film.

The Sign of Seven trilogy concluded with the third book, The Pagan Stone.

Many eagle-eyed Ford and Chrysler fans noticed this error. Nora intended it to be a Ford Mustang.

Here’s the order – as written. If you have compilation volumes please check the names of the characters:
Playing the Odds – Serena
Tempting Fate – Caine
All the Possibilities – Alan
One Man’s Art – Grant
For Now Forever – Daniel
In from the Cold – Ian (Originally published in a Harlequin Historicals Christmas anthology)
The MacGregor Brides
The Winning Hand – Robert
The MacGregor Grooms
The Perfect Neighbor – Cybil

Nora’s last book for Silhouette was released in 2002. It is extremely difficult to take characters to a different publisher so Nora had to leave those beloved families behind.

Readers write all the time asking for more stories about the characters they love. While it’s wonderful that the characters have woven their way into readers’ hearts, by the time a book is released, Nora has already bid those characters a fond farewell and met a new set of characters who will later charm and enchant her readers.

Unfortunately, due to lower than expected sales of the Vision in White game, I-play has suspended development of the rest of the games based on the Bride Quartet.

Many readers have written in to say they would like to read more about Parker, Mac, Emma and Laurel, but Nora has finished telling the stories of the Bride Quartet and won’t be going back for more. Her plan was to tell the story of the women of Vows from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Day – showing how they all found love in that year as well as how they run their business. So while they are all set for happy endings, we are not going to see three more weddings.

A lot of readers have asked for a continuation of The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, but just as the construction on the real Inn finished and everyone went about their business, Nora finished the series and moved on to meet a whole new set of characters.

She is just about to start work on the 2016 hardcover romantic suspense.